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Hair Spa Offers in Bangalore & Mumbai

Your search for the ‘best hair spa offers near me‘ is over. Get on board with our irresistible offers for hair spa in Mumbai and Bangalore. Buy two hair care products and get a 50% off on Intense Hair Spa Treatment.

Customised specifically for your hair needs, the Intense or Reborn hair spa treatment aims to fix your hair concerns and give it all the care it deserves. This personalised System Professional hair spa treatment will have your hair and scalp benefitted from just a single sitting! It’s hard to let go of this offer.

Have a sneak peek into how we treat you to the best hair spa in Mumbai and Bangalore when you take on the ultimate offer.

Steps Involved In A Hair Spa Treatment

  • Book an appointment: Reach out to us through our website, or give us a ring to book an appointment for a hair spa treatment at a time of your convenience.
  • Analysing the hair: The stylist assigned to you will analyse your hair & scalp. They will then recommend a System Professional hair spa treatment that best suits your concerns.
  • Hair wash: The first step of any hair spa treatment will be to wash the hair thoroughly. This step makes sure that any kind of stubborn product build-up, grease, oil, and dirt are all gently washed off before the treatment.
  • Infusion: After the hair is washed, according to your personal hair concern and hair type, the stylist will choose a serum which will then be applied to the roots. This product will help target your scalp concerns.
  • Mask: After the infusion treatment, the next step in the hair spa treatment is a hair mask that will be applied to the scalp & lengths of your hair. This hair mask is meant to deep condition the scalp, reduce frizz, and help strengthen the hair. This mask will be applied for 15-20 minutes so that the hair gets maximum benefit from the product.
  • Massage: The best part of this whole hair spa treatment is the massage. Our experts will provide you with the most relaxing massage that helps you unwind after a really tiring week. The massage that goes on for 15-20 minutes helps increase blood circulation to the hair follicles. A thorough massage also ensures that the hair mask reaches every nook and corner of the scalp.
  • Wash: After the massage, the stylist will wash all the product from your hair.
  • Blast dry: After a System Professional hair spa treatment, we recommend not styling it using heat.

Do pamper yourself with a hair spa treatment that your hair very much deserves and it shall thank you with good hair days all through the week. We realise that different hair has different needs, so we provide you with a plethora of options to choose from as listed below.

Types of Hair Spa Services at Bodycraft

Reborn Hair Spa Treatment

If your hair has a specific combination of problems that you would like the hair spa to target, the System Professional Reborn / Intense hair spa is the way to go. Our experts will analyse your hair and provide you with customised treatment for smooth and silky tresses. You can even get 1 complimentary service intense hair spa treatment with a package of 2 services.

Essential Hair Spa Treatment 

If you are looking for a quick hair spa treatment that will leave you with silky, luscious hair in no time, then the System Professional Essential / Express hair spa is the one to choose. It is an express version of the reborn hair spa treatment, which is again personalised to suit your individual hair & scalp requirements.

Malibu C-Stand Alone Treatment 

If you have been exposing your hair to commercial hair colour treatments quite often, the damage caused by them can be rectified with this treatment. This 100% vegan hair spa treatment formulated without gluten, parabens and sulphates helps even with undoing the damage hard water & chemicals used to swimming pools does to your hair.

Liquid hair (molecular refiller)

Hair becomes fragile and sensitised when subjected to heat regularly. Our liquid hair spa treatment uses thermo-activation, restoring the vitality of your hair. When you use hot styling tools, the ingredients in the thermo-active product are activated to protect the hair from damage caused by heat. This hair spa treatment is ideal for people who constantly style their hair with heat and are looking for damage control.

Benefits Of Hair Spa Treatment

Our customised System Professional hair spas target specific problem areas faced by your hair & scalp. It aims to improve your hair health in general.

Hair cleansing is the first step to any hair spa treatment. This ensures that any tough product build-up, grease and dirt are washed off with a good clarifying shampoo or a shampoo that best suits your hair type. This step is imperative for the rest of the products to work.

The hair is also deep conditioned with the hair mask applied to your hair. Hydration is key for healthy hair and this is provided by the mask. The mask nourishes the hair and provides it with nutrients it lacks.

The massage that follows the hair mask in an intense hair spa treatment helps improve blood circulation to the scalp. Increased blood circulation is key for improved hair growth.

Along with blood circulation, that blissful feeling you get when our expert massages your scalp is what all your stress evaporating feels like. A massage helps you unwind from a tough and busy week. Treating yourself to a massage session once in a while is a much-deserved pamper session. When it comes along with a hair spa treatment, the stress relief is an added benefit. You can read more about the benefits of hair spa on our blog.

Cost of Hair Spa

Our System Professional hair spa cost starts at INR 1900. However, the prices will be based on the hair spa treatment you choose and the hair length. Rest assured, you can stop googling ‘best hair spa near me‘ as Bodycraft provides you with the best offer and treatments customised specifically for your hair type.

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer valid on purchase of two System Professional or Sebastian products worth Rs 3000 & above only
  • Offer can not be clubbed with other offers, packages, memberships
  • The discount is applicable only on Intense/Reborn Hair Spa.
  • Offer is not valid for Bodycraft Membership clients
  • Additional taxes are as applicable




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