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Everything You Need To Know About Face Fillers

Are you worried about ageing? Nobody loves wrinkles and unwanted crisscrossing lines on their faces. However, your body and skin ...
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5 Types of Hair Spa Treatments Your Hair Will Love

Do you miss the feeling of fresh, hydrated and nourished hair? The satisfaction of running your fingers through your freshly ...
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What is Coolsculpting? Does it Work? Procedure, Cost, Side Effects, and More

Have you tried all the different methods of reducing fat from your body and are still unsuccessful? It becomes quite ...
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How to get rid of pimple marks

Pimple Marks & Scars: How to get rid of pimple marks?

Does your skin get oily too often? Do you go through the occasional breakouts that take months to fade and ...
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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles? Causes, Treatment, Home Remedies & More

The under-eye can develop a darker pigment than the rest of the skin due to stress, genetic factor, or exposure ...
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Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments for the Best Bridal Glow

Don’t you just love the wedding season? With elegant clothes and makeup that'll turn heads, what's not to love! And ...
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Types of Body Massages

6 Types of Body Massages & Their Benefits

Staying mostly at home can make your body rigid allowing lethargy to take over you. Sometimes, you need to feel ...
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Microblading treatment

Science Decoded: All you need to know about Microblading!

Beauty is about uplifting your confidence. Today we have various beauty treatments available at our disposal. There are specific treatments ...
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Chemical peels

Chemical Peels Are The Way Ahead For A Fresher and Younger Look!

The surface layer of your skin shows many signs of ageing, and if you have the eye for it, you ...
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Trendy Hairstyles and Haircuts by Sassoon Trained Experts

Getting a creative haircut for women from Sassoon trained experts is a luxury. Women must delve into an opportunity to ...
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What is Hydra Medi facial? Benefits, Side Effects, Cost & More

Hydra Medi Facial is a medi-facial or resurfacing treatment that clears pores while hydrating the skin. It can be your ...
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What is Laser Hair Removal? Benefits, Side Effects, Cost, and More

Laser hair removal is an innovative cosmetic procedure, which can give you freedom from unwanted body hair and boost your ...
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Coolsculpting - FAQs

CoolSculpting FAQs Answered!

One of the main struggles we all face at some point or the other is the struggle to tone one’s ...
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Mens grooming - beard spa importance

Why must men invest in Beard Spas?

With a great beard comes greater responsibility. We begin to understand the troubles of maintaining a beard only when we ...
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anti aging creams

Reasons Why Makeup Removal Is As Important As Application

Most girlshave a very strong bond with their makeup bags! Every day, they wake up, getready for their day ahead ...
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What Does It Take To Be The Best Nail Technician

There comes a point where people really start giving their careers and future plans a serious thought. While some go ...
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Laser Hair Reduction Aftercare

Science Decoded: How Laser Hair Reduction Works

Since time immemorial women have gone the extra mile when it comes to personal grooming. Be it comfort, hygiene or ...
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Professional Makeup Artist

5 Skills You Need, To Be A Professional Makeup Artist

Weddings, photoshoots, movies, be it an important occasion, the one person everyone turns to,to look their best is a professional ...
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Hair color in bangalore

How to Transform Yourself This Summer

Summer is here and it is the perfect time to indulge in some much-needed style transformations! Makeup, nails, wardrobe or ...
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professional makeup courses in bangalore

Why Cosmetology Is The Perfect Course For You?

The one thing that binds us all together is hunger. The hunger to know more, achieve more and reach great ...
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cool scuplting treatment in bangalore

Science Decoded: What is CoolSculpting All About?

People practically worship the ideal body type! Right from Zumba, Crossfit, Sports, Running, Cardio and a range of ridiculous diets, ...
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Facial for Brown Skinned

5 Facials Suited For The Brown-Skinned Goddess

Indian women are blessed with great skin and that is a fact! Every corner of the country is laden with ...
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Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon: A Legacy

A hairstylist, a businessman and a philanthropist, Vidal Sassoon left quite the impact on the world of styling and hairdressing ...
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Body therapy in bangalore

Spa: The Miracle Worker!

      We work, we deal with people we don’t want to, deal with traffic, bosses and we make ...
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The skincare regime you’ve been waiting for

  Growing up, skin care has always haunted us. Dark spots, dullness, unavoidable wrinkles and the worst of all - ...
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Laser hair reduction in bangalore

Risks associated with self-hair removal

There are a million reasons for girls to go and get rid of unwanted body hair. Be it the aesthetics ...
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So you think you can Do It Yourself?

  In a world of pretty DIY hacks, we are yet to master the makeup! We all have those moments ...
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Hair Color In Bangalore

5 shades of hair color that India is going gaga over

One of the most addictive trends we have come across is the hair color trend! Trust me, there is no ...
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Laser Hair Reduction In Bangalore

Risks associated with self-hair removal

There are a million reasons for girls to go and get rid of unwanted body hair. Be it the aesthetics ...
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Nail Art Design

If you don’t like nail art it’s only because you haven’t tried it yet

Trends! Don’t even bother avoiding them. They seem to have a way of seeping in somehow! And one of the ...
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