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Achieve your body goals through a painless, non-invasive procedure at Bodycraft Clinic. CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis is a quick and easy way to remove stubborn fat from the body. Through a controlled cooling technology, this technique targets and freezes fat cells from specific regions. With zero downtime post-treatment, you’re sure to view yourself in a new light and feel confident all over again.


What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure to reduce unwanted pockets of fat cells in the body. In that sense, it is safer than liposuction and is also US FDA approved. Also known as cryolipolysis i.e., the science of freezing and destroying fat cells to eliminate them from the body, this technique uses a gel pad and applicator over the target area.

You can expect up to a 20-25% reduction of fat in the treated area. It is important to note that this is NOT a weight-loss procedure. Results can be seen as early as one to three months after the treatment. It is ideal for those who are healthy and are close to their ideal weight. For more information on what is CoolSculpting, read our blog!

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Benefits of CoolSculpting

Fat Reduction

Avail permanent fat reduction of upto 25% in just one or two sessions.

Eliminate Fat

Eliminate fat from stubborn areas of the body in just a few weeks.

No Side Effects

Almost zero side effects post-procedure.

No Risk

There is zero risk of infection in the target area since the skin barrier isn’t broken during the cryolipolysis treatment.

No Fear Of Gaining Weight

Carry on with day-to-day activities without the fear of gaining weight. The target areas hardly see additional fat accumulation post-procedure.

Smooth Appearance

Get a smooth and sculpted appearance in no time.

The Process of CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting Treatment  Process

• Due to lack of exercise and unhealthy dietary habits, stubborn fat gets accumulated in different parts of the body including the arms, legs, thighs, double chin, abdomen, bra fat and flanks or the sides of the body.
• can consult with your primary healthcare physician to evaluate whether CoolSculpting is right for you. After this consultation with our experts, you are led to the CoolSculpting room.
• A 360 degree assessment will be made prior to the treatment.
• A disposable gown will be provided to change into during the treatment.
• The procedure takes anywhere between 35 - 90 minutes, depending on the target area.

• The doctor applies a gel pad and the applicator to the targeted area. The applicator delivers controlled cooling to the targeted fat.
• The device is then moved over the skin while administering suction and cooling to the targeted area around 35-90 minutes, per cycle. Since mild sensations can be felt during the process without any pain, you can choose to take a nap, read a book or indulge in watching a show or listening to music during the treatment.
• After the applicator is removed, the area is massaged immediately to break up any frozen deep tissue. This also helps the body to absorb the destroyed fat cells.
• Side effects during the procedure include sensations of intense cold, tingling, stinging, pulling, aching, and cramping might take place. They will subside once the treatment area is numb.

• You can resume normal day-to-day activities right after this procedure. It has zero downtime.
• In a few weeks, your body will naturally eliminate the frozen fat cells from the body. You will notice upto 20-25% fat reduction over time.
• Maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise to prevent new fat cells from growing in the treated area.
• Schedule a follow-up medical assessment to review your results and discuss the option of additional treatments to achieve desired results.


CoolSculpting for Different Body Parts

Coolsculpting for Abdomen


Coolsculpting for Thigh


Coolsculpting for Double Chin

Double Chin

Coolsculpting for Sides


Coolsculpting for Bra Fat

Bra Fat

Coolsculpting for Upper Arms

Upper Arms

How many times have you tried to hide your stomach by wearing baggy clothing? With this fat freezing treatment, you can bid goodbye to abdomen fat in the front, back and love handles; and tummy rolls as it leaves you looking and feeling toned and boosts your confidence.

The inner and outer thighs in the lower and upper region are great considerations for the CoolSculpting procedure. It will make your clothes fit better as your thighs will look leaner and also prevent thigh-chafing.

Does the fat below your chin bother you while looking at yourself in pictures? With cryolipolysis, there is improvement in the tissue laxity, which can help you get rid of double chin.

Don’t love your love handles? Here’s where CoolSculpting can help you by easily removing the excess fat on the sides, that is otherwise much harder with just diet and exercise.

Do you have a little fat bulging between the bra line and the armpit region? If this is something that bothers you, it’s time for you to opt for the CoolSculpting procedure and get rid of the excess fat in that area.

For some, excess fat gets deposited in the upper arms, creating the appearance of fat hanging from that region. This is where CoolSculpting comes to your rescue, helping you to get rid of sagging arms with ease.

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Side Effects of CoolSculpting

Redness & Bruising – You may experience some redness or bruising on the target areas which will disappear after a few hours.

Tingling sensation – It is common to feel some tingling after the procedure. This is the result of the nerves returning to normal.

Numbness – You might feel numb or your sensations may decrease post-treatment. The sensation usually returns in 2 to 3 hours.

Mild discomfort – You may feel slight pain or discomfort right after the treatment, but it should subside within a few hours.

Why Choose CoolSculpting From Bodycraft?

Coolsculpting Treatment at Bodycraft

Why Choose CoolSculpting From Bodycraft?

  • Most Trusted in South India: We have the highest number of cycles sold in South India and are hence, the most trusted provider of CoolSculpting services.
  • Personalised Consultation: After a 360 degree checkup to mark areas for fat elimination, we help personalise your treatment plan based on your preference.
  • Personalised Care Regime: After undergoing the CoolSculpting procedure, you get a personalised diet and post-procedure care plan customised as per your lifestyle.


Cool Advantage

Rs. Up to 50% discount


Cool Advantage+

Rs. Up to 50% discount


*T&C applied. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Rs. Up to 50% discount


Rs. Up to 50% discount


*T&C applied. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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CoolSculpting is not a weight loss program. It only helps you reduce fat from the stubborn areas of your body.

Yes, CoolSculpting is permanent given the long-term results it showcases. Fat cells that are eliminated from a particular area in the body do not see weight gain.

CoolSculpting is a quick and easy method to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from various areas of the body. However, it is not a life practice to stay in shape. It is to be noted that following a good diet and exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. CoolSculptingg can help supplement this lifestyle so people can achieve their ideal body quicker and easier. A healthy diet, exercise and CoolSculpting complement each other.

The CoolSculpting session duration varies according to the body parts. Small areas take about 1-2 sessions whereas larger areas need about 4-6 sessions for fat elimination. The doctors at Bodycraft Clinic, make a thorough assessment and work out the perfect treatment plan for you.

CoolSculpting helps you achieve your ideal body shape by sculpting/toning your body. It does not drastically change the way you look.