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Monsoon Skin Care Tips & Tricks for Glowing Skin

5 Monsoon Skin Care Routine You Need To Follow | Bodycraft

Hello to all the brave souls who love the monsoon! Let’s discuss Indian skincare for this time of year while we watch those stormy clouds gather and hear the rain’s pitter patter on our windows. 

So you know, when it pours from heaven and the humidity rises – our skin has quite an experience! Indian skin battles with excess oiliness and acne that won’t go away no matter what we do; it even struggles against pigmentation problems and dullness during these wet months.

But don’t worry my friends! We are going to talk about everything related to monsoon care  –  revealing the secrets to keeping your skin healthy and glowing when the rain won’t stop pouring. So, grab your umbrella and a cozy corner, because we’re about to embark on a journey to decode the mysteries of monsoon skincare in India.

Monsoon Skin Care Tips for Indian Skin

Sunscreen Always

Sunscreen is a must. Even when it’s cloudy. UVA rays don’t care about the weather. They can damage your skin anytime. If your sunscreen feels heavy, try a gel-based one. And if you’ve got oily skin, maybe skip the moisturizer. Heavy creams clog pores.

Deep Clean

Wash your face. Like, really wash it. Use a salicylic acid face wash. It fights acne, balances pH, exfoliates, and clears pores. Perfect for humid weather.

Retinol at Night

Use a retinol lotion at night. It helps prevent breakouts. Retinol boosts collagen and tightens pores. Less chance for infections and acne.

Mask Time

Once a week, use an anti-acne mask. If you can’t get fancy ones, mix multani mitti with yogurt. Deep cleans pores and clarifies skin.

Scalp Health

Monsoon messes with your scalp too. Can cause dandruff and fungal infections. Don’t scratch. Weakens hair follicles and causes hair loss. Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo with salicylic acid, piroctone olamine, and zinc pyrithione. Rinse it off well.

That’s it. Keep your skin clean, protect it, and don’t forget your scalp. Enjoy the rain without the pain! 

But with all your at home treatments, the humidity and the heat can still take toll your skin.

Salon and Clinic Solutions for Monsoon Skincare

If you’re looking for a longer lasting solution with the added bonus of an instant glow up try our range of facials customized for the your skin type :

Luxury Diamond Facial

When you are exposed to a hot & humid environment, your skin can become tired & greasy. This facial removes dirt and excess oil from the skin making it feel fresh and light. It also moisturizes deep within the epidermis helping smoothen out wrinkles that may have been caused by these conditions hence providing radiance to your appearance.

Hydra-Medi Facial

Your skin may experience oiliness as a result of sweating more often in such weather conditions. This facial will help to deeply clean out all blocked pores which are usually brought about by impurities thereby minimizing pimples and blackheads appearance on the face. It also cools down any redness or irritations that might have been triggered off due to the sticky atmosphere.

Purify Facial

If you find yourself with acne due to clogged up pores caused by humidity; don’t worry we got this covered! The Purify Facial is specifically engineered for unclogging oily congested skin and removes dirt while keeping it fresh and even toned during these harsh weather conditions.

Anti-Ageing Facial

Fine lines and wrinkles can appear more prominently when the air has more moisture content. During this period, our Anti-Ageing Facial treatment deeply hydrates the skin thus plumping it up,reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Brightening Facial

If you have been out too long under the sun during monsoons then probably you might end up developing some dark spots on your skin. Brightening Facial addresses specifically these areas by lightning, giving your face an even tone throughout 

Under-Eye Treatment

Our Under-Eye treatments are perfect for combating the effects of humidity on your eyes. Say goodbye to puffy, tired-looking eyes and hello to a youthful, clear gaze.

FAQs around Monsoon Skin Care Tips

How do I care for my skin in the rainy season?

Keep it light and oil-free. Cleanse, tone, moisturize with a gentle, soap-free routine. Don’t skip sunscreen for those sneaky UV rays.

What’s the best monsoon skincare routine?

Simple: cleanse twice daily, use toner to control oil, hydrate with a light moisturizer, and always wear sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy.

Does humidity affect my skin type?

Absolutely, especially oily skin. It can get greasier. Use oil-control products to keep pores clear.

Best makeup for monsoon?

Waterproof! Use a primer to keep it all in place and avoid smudging.

How to keep skin hydrated in high humidity?

Drink water, use a hydrating serum or mist. Hydrated skin is happy skin.

Tips for oily skin in monsoon?

Cleanse twice daily, use oil-free products. Keep it light to avoid clogging pores.

Quick monsoon skincare tips?

Keep skin clean, skip heavy makeup, use oil-free products, and hydrate. And don’t forget sunscreen!

How often should I cleanse in monsoon?

Twice daily. Gentle, soap-free cleansers are best.

Does humidity impact skincare?

Yes, it can make skin oilier. Use products that control oil and keep skin clean.

How can we prevent acne in monsoon?

To prevent acne in monsoon, it is important to keep the skin clean by washing it regularly with a mild cleanser and avoiding touching the face with dirty hands or excessive sweating. Additionally, using non-comedogenic moisturisers and avoiding heavy makeup can help prevent acne breakouts.

Why does the skin itch in monsoon?

Skin itching during monsoon can be attributed to increased humidity levels and fungal or bacterial infections caused by sweating. It is crucial to keep the skin dry, wear loose and breathable clothing, and avoid scratching the itchy areas to prevent further irritation.

Why does the skin become oily in the monsoon?

The skin becomes oily in the monsoon due to the high humidity levels, which stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This excessive oil production can lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts.

How can we control oily skin in monsoon?

To control oily skin in monsoon, it is recommended to cleanse the face twice a day with a gentle oil-free cleanser, use oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturisers, and avoid heavy or greasy makeup products. Additionally, using blotting papers to absorb excess oil throughout the day can help keep the skin matte.

Which facial is best in monsoon?

The best facial for monsoon would be a hydrating and detoxifying facial that helps balance the skin’s moisture levels and remove impurities. A facial with ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, and tea tree oil can be beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin during the monsoon.

Does monsoon cause oily skin?

Monsoon itself may not directly cause oily skin, but the increased humidity levels during this season can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which can contribute to oily skin and acne breakouts.

Is acne common during monsoon?

Yes, acne is common during monsoons due to increased humidity, sweating, and the accumulation of dirt and bacteria on the skin. It is important to follow a proper skincare routine and take precautions to prevent acne breakouts during this season.

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