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Learn The Hacks About Makeup | Bodycraft 

In a world of pretty DIY hacks, we are yet to master the makeup! We all have those moments when our winged eyeliner just can’t stay within the lines or the smokey eye makes us look like a sad racoon! Most of our learning methods include the YouTube and Instagram models who just know everything there is to know about makeup! How do these Instagram stars do it!?

Here’s how Bodycraft Academy can guide you to the basics of makeup:

1) You Will Learn

A short 2-day course of absolute fun and style! Personally mentored by the experts, you get to learn the various DIY looks that can be a little challenging in real life! Here, you will be learning how to master the niche makeup tricks we could never conquer!

Makeup Guide From Experts | Bodycraft

2) What will you learn

In this course, experts at Bodycraft will be taking you through the essentials like the highlighters, concealers, foundation, liners, and brushes. Not just that, the course will help you master the basic and party makeup looks!.

3) Why do you need it

Well, after mentioning the above it’s a no-brainer! The dos and don’ts of makeup is a knowledge you absolutely need by your side. You need this course for the quintessential shift from being an amateur to a master!

Led by experts like Swati Gupta, Creative Director, Bodycraft has been spreading the joy of feeling beautiful for over 20 years! You don’t’ want to miss this opportunity to interact with the experts of the beauty industry and budding students of the academy.

Book your consultation today and own your glow!

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