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Laser Hair Reduction


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Laser Hair Reduction

Pulses of laser light destroys hair follicles in the target surface, reducing hair growth in unwanted areas. Although it sounds painful it actually practically painless due to the cooling mechanism built into the probe. Not only does Laser Hair Reduction leave you with clearer, smoother skin with reduced hair growth, it also helps reduce ingrown hair & skin irritation. Not only that, LHR is effective on all skin tones. The hair just needs to be dark enough for the laser to take effect.

LHR process is precise and does not affect the surrounding areas and is more effective than electrolysis, depilatories & other methods of hair removal.

Upto 50% off on Laser Hair Reduction packages.

Dr. Mikky Singh

Dr. Mikky Singh is a well-known dermatologist with more than a decade of experience & expertise in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology. Her keen eye for aesthetics & harmony of the face, and her passion for anti-ageing has taken her around globe on workshops and seminars, helping her update her skills & knowledge in the field. Dr. Mikky has changed people’s views on Botox & Fillers as aesthetic enhancement procedures, thus helping them use these wonder drugs for their well-being, betterment & aesthetic enhancement. Today, she has a huge number of happy clients coming to her from various walks of life.

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