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How Many LHR Sessions Do You Need?

What to Expect During a Laser Hair Removal Session? | Bodycraft

The LHR or Laser Hair Removal treatment can get you hair free without any pain! Yes, you read it correctly. This virtually painless procedure removes unwanted hair from target areas in your body including the face, bikini area, legs, back and chest, underarms and arms.

So how many laser hair removal sessions do you need over a lifetime? Our experts at Bodycraft detail this out, in addition to how the procedure works.

How many Sessions do you need For LHR?

In about 4-6 sessions throughout your lifetime, the Laser Hair Removal treatment can target the removal of unwanted areas from almost anywhere in your body. This treatment reduces hair growth by over 80% with every session.

Laser hair removal sessions can’t target all hairs in the growing period. However, the Laser Hair Removal treatment ensures that new hair growth will be thinner and lighter. This means you will have to make fewer trips to your nearest salon.

What to Expect During a Laser Hair Removal Session?

While getting Laser Hair Removal sessions, you will go through the following steps.

  • Your professional will have a one-on-one consultation with you to identify the target areas for hair removal. Your medical history will be checked to go ahead with the Laser Hair Removal treatment.
  • You will be given protective eyewear to start the procedure. The treatment area will then be shaved and cleaned by your professional.
  • A laser will be adjusted based on the colour, thickness, and position of the hair to be treated.
  • Your professional will position the laser beam to make it penetrate through your skin to the hair follicles and destroy them to prevent hair growth.
  • Your technician will then monitor the area for several minutes to ensure that no negative reactions occurred.
  • The treated area will then be wiped clean.

Once the Laser Hair Removal session is conducted, your professional will apply a cream and sunblock to avoid side effects like burning sensations, itching and redness. You can expect these signs and symptoms to naturally go away within a few hours.

What to do After your Laser Hair Removal Session?

You can resume back to your normal activities after your Laser Hair Removal session. To ensure utmost care, do note the following.

  • Your skin may feel sensitive for a day or two following the treatment.
  • For the first 24 hours, avoid makeup, scented lotions or any deodorants.
  • It is recommended to avoid waxing and plucking any hair until your next session. Using a razor is permitted.
  • If the sensitivity persists, you should apply a cold compress.
  • After 5-30 days, the dead hairs will start to fall out.

When can I see Laser Hair Removal Results?

The Laser Hair Removal results will start appearing after a few weeks when you start noticing less hair growth or hair that is thinner and lighter in appearance.

Similarly, Laser Hair Removal results after 3 sessions will make the growth process slower giving you clearer, smoother skin in no time.

The Takeaway

At Bodycraft, you can say hello to hair-free skin in just a few sessions. Our professionals come with years of experience to make the Laser Hair Removal treatment easy and effective for you. Additionally, we offer a complimentary patch test to make you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Book your appointment with us today to get started!