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5 Statement Hair Colors Trends To Try in 2022

One of the most addictive trends we have come across is the hair color trend! Trust me, there is no end to this! From the basic globals to the crazy styles, we’ve seen it all! We’ve known this trend from a long time ago when we would watch our mothers and grandmothers pamper themselves with the good old natural hair dye – Henna!

At Bodycraft, we noticed a sudden rise in certain hair color shades! Let’s explore these shades:

  1. Blue
    Blue Trending Hair Color Shade | Bodycraft

This is something you much have seen all around you! This blue hair dye is a trend that’s going to stick around for a while now! The best part is that people are not just experimenting with just one shade of blue. There is a whole ocean in front of them and we’re exploring! Be it Teal, Aquamarine or the Electric Blue, we’re embracing the blues well!

  • Mauve
    Mauve Trending Hair Color Shade | Bodycraft

Elegant color + Bold statement = The mauve hair color! The equation is just right. The elegant mauve is what you need to make the perfect bold statement. While being a pretty color it also is a pretty badass way to turn your hair around!

  • Platinum
    Platinum Trending Hair Color Shade | Bodycraft

    Trending Hair Color Shades

With celebrities like Kim K and Lisa Haydon, who rocked Instagram with their pristine platinum hair color mixed with the goddess-like dusky complexion, the platinum hair trend is spreading like wildfire! The contrast of it is what makes this color a must experience on everyone’s bucket list!

  • Coffee
    Coffee Trending Hair Color Shade | Bodycraft

    Trending Hair Color Shades

Not new to the limelight, the coffee brown highlights are making a comeback! The warm browns are perfect when you want to experiment but don’t want to come off too loud! It the perfect color to start experimenting with your hair

  • Fiery Red
    Fiery Red Trending Hair Color Shade | Bodycraft

    Trending Hair Color Shades

The dynamic red is something we can never resist! This versatile hair colour has the potential to make youlook as badass and as femine, equally! It’s all abouthow you wear it!