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How to Stop Hairfall : 5 Essential Tips

how to stop hair fall

Are you noticing more hair fall than usual while combing your hair? Do you also have hair fall by just running your fingers through your locks? If the answer to both the questions is yes, you need to relook at the causes of hair fall.

Your lifestyle pattern or the way you take care of your hair can actually affect the way it looks and feels. Maybe your hair isn’t getting nourished in the correct manner, or maybe you are using the wrong hair care products for your hair.

Our experts elaborate on the different reasons for hair fall and some hair fall control tips that you can use to change your hair game.

Reasons for Hair Fall

There are various causes of hair loss for both women and men. More commonly, the below-mentioned factors might resonate with you.

  • Heredity
  • Poor diet with lack of nutrients
  • Inadequate intake of water
  • Hormonal changes or reactions to new medications
  • Emotional, physical or mental stress
  • Damage from chemical treatments like hair colouring, straightening, perming, keratin treatments and more
  • Usage of unsuitable hair care products
  • Trying different hairstyles too often that can damage and break hair strands
  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Brushing hair too often

Normal hair fall ranges between losing 50 to 100 hair strands regularly. If you think you’re experiencing more hair loss than normal, you might want to try some expert-recommended hair treatments that your tresses will definitely thank you for.

Top 5 Hair Fall Control Tips

Looking for some proven hair fall remedies? Our hair professionals at Bodycraft suggest you try one or a few of the below-mentioned hair treatment options.

1. Get a trim

how to stop immediate hair fall

Trimming your hair or transforming the way it looks can reduce hair fall caused by breakage in most individuals. If your hair is damaged or has split ends, you are bound to experience more hair fall than usual. You can get a haircut service based on trending picks and ensure to get a trim every 3-4 months.If you’re wondering what to do before getting a haircut, read our blog to know more.

2. Relax Your Locks with a Hair Spa

Give some tender, love and care to your hair with a hair spa every 20-30 days. With a scalp and massage, your hair can get the nourishment it needs from time to time. When you visit our Bodycraft salon, you can choose from our range of hair spa options to see which treatment is suitable for your hair type and concerns. Learn more about the benefits of getting a hair spa before your next appointment.

You can opt for our Anti-Hair Fall treatment (the Balance Energy Serum Hair Spa) that strengthens hair and anchorage, making thin hair stronger. Learn more about the benefits of getting a hair spa before your next appointment.

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3. Opt for the Hair Fall Reduction Treatment

One of the best tips to reduce hair fall, our experts suggest trying the Hair Fall Reduction therapy at Bodycraft Clinic. In this treatment, the product is delivered to the scalp through injections that work on filling individual hair fibre making hair smooth and fuller. It enhances blood flow and aids in increasing the delivery of essential nutrients to the individual hair fibres, inhibiting hair fall in monsoons.

4. Relook at your Diet & Lifestyle

Your diet and lifestyle choice play a great role in improving your hair’s health. Incorporate green vegetables into your diet to stimulate hair growth and nourishment. If you’re stepping out, you can take extra care of your hair by tying it up or protecting it with a scarf or hat.

Avoid intaking alcohol or smoking often as that also hampers your hair quality in the long run.

5. Use the Right Hair Care Products

Have dry hair but end up using products meant for oily hair? Look for the correct hair care products to help nourish and moisturise them. Shop from our range of shampoos, conditioners, oils and serums to transform your tresses with the right ingredients.

The Takeaway

Hair care requires a lot of patience and tried and tested hair fall remedies to accentuate growth and nourishment. Control hair loss with some hair fall control tips recommended by our professionals.

If you want a consultation before going for a hair treatment, book it now and we will get in touch with you.

FAQs around how to stop hair fall

1. What causes too much hair fall?

Hair fall can be caused by a number of reasons including genetics, poor diet and lifestyle habits, using the wrong hair care products or by exposing your tresses to constant chemical treatments.

2. Can hair loss be reversed?

Hair loss can be reversed in some cases, but it depends on the cause of the hair loss. You can consult our professionals at Bodycraft to understand which treatment or service to undertake to tackle your hair loss issues.

3. Can hair regrow after hair fall?

Yes, up to a certain age, your hair has the capacity to regrow after hair fall.

4. Is it OK to lose 200 hairs a day?

Normal hair fall ranges between losing 50 to 100 hair strands regularly. If you’re experiencing hair fall more than 200 hair strands a day, you can consult our professionals to understand the cause for your concern.